Light According to Your Mood

Light According to Your Mood


Lights That Effects Your Mood
Lights That Effects Your Mood

Lighting has a very significant impact on the mood of people in various settings. Many Psychological as well as physiological studies and experiments have been conducted to establish the relationship between mood and lighting.

Circadian rhythms also known as circadian cycle is the internal physiological process which regulates the sleep cycle in full 24 hours. Many research studies conducted have conclusively shown that it has a profound effect on the circadian rhythms. Moreover, such studies have also shown a clear connection between circadian rhythms and the levels of anxiety and depression. The levels of anxiety and depression are at their lowest when  circadian rhythms are at their optimal levels. Hence, it becomes clear that it has a direct and a major effect on your well being and the mood.

Although such observations have been clinically proven today with the advent of modern science and systematic experimentation, the importance of it has long been emphasized in the ancient literature of Feng Shui  too. In ancient China, around 3000 years ago, an art of geomancy was pioneered, which aimed to promote wellness of mind and body by striking a balance between individual and the environment, by arranging lights and objects in a specific order. This art is known as Feng Shui, whose precepts hold true even in this modern age.  Today the ancient concepts of Feng Shui are incorporated in multi billion dollar construction and interior designing projects to promote wellness. 

Lighting and its attributes:

As we dive deeper into the topic and its properties we can understand to a great extent how wellness is intertwined with the properties. The three prime aspects of lighting are its saturation, hue and brightness. 

Saturation can be referred to as the intensity of the color that surrounds us. It is observed in many studies that the degree to which it is saturated or intensified impacts our emotions. The higher the saturation, the greater is the impact on the emotions and vice versa. Therefore the initial observations in the Hawthorne Effect study showed that poor lighting conditions adversely affected the performance of shop floor workers. However, when it was improved the productivity of the workers also improved. 

In the lighting terminology, the color is known as its hue. Observations made in various human behavior studies also showed that the color closest to natural sunlight delighted the moods of people. The people tend to become more gloomy in the artificial lighting. The spectrum of blue color is largely found in daylight. While experimenting with the blue spectrum, it revealed that it made people more alert and energetic. However, it was also noted that it also decreased the levels of the sleep inducing hormone,  melatonin, making people more alert. Interestingly, the blue spectrum even affects the circadian rhythms (Sleep cycles) of the blind. Brightness also has an impact on the mood. As it is directly related with the intensity of moods. When luminosity of  light is lowered, the intensity of mood lowers too, making it more stable. Therefore, it is commonly observed that in the conference rooms it is generally low, because negotiations require rationality which comes with stable emotions. 

How lights Play with Mind and Body.

Now that we have got the gist of know-how about the effects of light on mind and  body, the major question that lies ahead is how to utilize it to our advantage. 

To begin with, let’s see how it can improve our mental health. Red or amber is the color of sunset which is reminiscent of rest and retirement and is thus closely associated with sleep. It is a well known fact that sleep restores mental balance.

Salt lamp and serenity of amber:

lamps For Better Nights Sleep
lamps For Better Nights Sleep

The pink Himalayan salt is the world most valued rock salt in world and when used as lamp emanates light with amber/ red hues. The frequency pacifies the mind, therefore, it is highly recommended for people with high anxiety levels. Hence it mitigates the gloom.These lamps also ionizes the air which is also beneficial for lungs, respiratory ailments and better night sleep. As a result you wake up fresh and be energized throughout the day which makes you more motivated and productive. Pink Himalayan Rock Salt lamps, apart from their usefulness as a health tool are aesthetically pleasing as well. You can now adorn your living spaces, with this marvel of nature and reap benefits twofold. 

The magic of indirect lighting 

Strip LED warm lights when used in niches or behind objects, away from the line of sight, prove to be an ideal source of indirect lighting. Since the brightness is greatly reduced ,it soothes the mind and stabilizes the mood. Many people now prefer such arrangements in the office environment to calm down nerves during decision making processes, especially when situations are fluid and tense.  Many big time businesses such as head offices of banks and financial institutions adopt this mode of lighting in interior designing of office spaces that are to be occupied by high management tier. 

Bright white LED lights, an alternative to sunlight.

Sweden is a country which as compared to other countries is not as blessed with sunlight, a very vital and free gift of nature. The average annual exposure to sunlight in Sweden is very low due to which many Swedes suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, which depresses the mood and saps away energy. Moreover, many Swedish children were found to be struggling with learning difficulties and dullness. A novice solution, discovered by Swedish scientists, was the use of bright white lights to mitigate these effects and make up for the lack of sunlight . This has had a profound effect on the health and moods of the students. Besides, the ultra violet bandwidth present in white light also helps replenish the vitamin D, which is also essential for growth, bones, general health and learning needs.  

Strip Light – One for all and all for one

Strip Light All In One Lighting Solution
Strip Light All In One Lighting Solution

The benefits of light with regards to mood, emotion and general health are limitless and so are the number of illumination options to choose from. 

RGB strip lights have brought about a sea change in our lifestyle. It emits various frequencies of hue, brightness and saturation with ease of use, control and installation. The array of choices as per its effects are limitless. However, given the need to achieve all objectives in one go, whether strip or fairy light are now multi-purpose. Today, these LED based lights come in many adjustable forms. You can control brightness, hues and saturation for attaining your goals in one go. strip lights, Fairy, Night lamps provide all these benefits at a very affordable price and from the comfort of your home.


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